Thursday, December 13, 2007

The Thursday Dining Roundup

Thursday is foodie day in the major and not so major publications in South Florida. I'll try to recap what's being reviewed, what's new, and what sucks.

Miami Herald
Victoria Pesce-Elliott gives a Dolores...Lolita a great review, which figures because she always seems to give good reviews to places that seem mediocre.

Linda Bladholm finds a French cafe/ice cream parlor run by a transplanted New Yorker and Dominican.

Miami New Times
Lee Klein makes us want to avoid South Miami's Alta Cocina. Too bad, I had high hopes for it.

Pamela Robin Brandt ventures to Lemon Fizz, a place I've passed many times but never thought to stop. Now my interest is peaked.

Miami Sunpost
Mark Goldberg is the last of the reviewers to try Ishq. I think he's like it more than most.

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