Thursday, December 20, 2007

The Thursday Dining Roundup for December 20, 2007

Enrique Fernandez takes over the critic duties this week from Victoria Pesce Elliot. I hope it's for good. He reviews Rosa Mexicano and gives us some background on the origins of this Mexican chain. It looks like Rosa is doing for Brickell what it did for NYC over 20 years ago as yuppies cram the bar for tequila and margaritas. Figures we're always behind the times here.

Lee Klein unsuccessfully tries to review the upscale La Piagga and downscale S&S Diner in the same article. Lee, you're a food critic, not Studs Terkel.

Bill Citara finds Copas y Tapas in the Gables cheap. I find it overpriced and inferior to Xixon.

The Sunpost's Mark Goldberg rips Food Gang which is unfortunate given the potential.

And finally, the "I don't know why I still have a job. Oh yeah, it's because the Sun Sentinel's standards are so low" writer Deborah Hartz-Seeley describes her night out at Michael Mina's newly opened Bourbon Steak in Aventura. She describes how if you sit on the love seats which take the place of banquettes your feet won't touch the floor, and also wonders why dishes come in variations of three (she doesn't seem to realize nor research that one of Chef Mina's trademarks is trios of things), and lastly, she ponders how one cannot improve on foie gras as she describes the foie gras sliders, but apparently she'd rather just have raw foie gras. Somebody tell this woman she's in the wrong business.

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