Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Chowhound Best of Florida Post

Someone spent a lot of time putting this together so I figured I'd dissemenate the info here as well. Frodnesor posted this list of the "Best of" and "Top" lists in the Chowhound Florida message board. It's pretty comprehensive and hopefully it'll cut down on the "I'm coming to South Beach with some friends, where can I go to get good food and a cool atmosphere?" posts. The Greater Miami Convention and Visitors Bureau should be kissing the feet of Frodnesor, tpigeon, netmover and the other regular posters on the Chowhound board. Better yet, why doesn't the GMCVB make their own board for visitors to post their questions and locals give their responses? It'd go a long way in improving the "Miamians are rude and unfriendly" stigma that we have.


PJ said...

Great start L2M-congratulations. Have to disagree (saw that coming, didn't you?) on the Chowhound'ers-I've found they're wrong at least as much as they're right. Just like you or me. And feel free to be more critical of the critics. Let's face it, they blow!

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